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Introduction to Robotics (CS460)


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Quadcopter Built by CS460 Students at Prince Sultan University

Introduction to Mobile Robots

Video Tutorials and Lectures

Lab Activities

All labs will follow the Gaitech EDU tutorials For any question, use the Gaitech EDU Forum

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to present the fundamental concepts to develop autonomous mobile robots. The course covers the basics of mobile robots control, kinematic theory, navigation, localization and perception. The course will consolidate the understanding of theoretical concepts through practical hands-on activities pertaining to robot programming and deployment. We use two types of robotics platforms: (1) the Arduino robot for quick and easy prototyping of control applications to illustrate theoretical concepts on navigation sensing and actuation. (2) Turtlebot robot with ROS Hydro for more advanced robotic application development using ROS with the objective to focus on application design and development.
The aim of this course is to give PSU students, in computer science and engineering colleges, an opportunity to discover the world of robotics, and design and develop real robotic applications.

Topics of Interest

Robotics is a wide discipline. In CS460, lectures and activities will focus the basic notion of an autonomous robot control loop. CS460 focuses mostly on computational issues for perception (estimation of the state of the world), decision making (deciding on actions to achieve objectives), and motion control (executing decided actions). CS460 does not cover in substance topics within robot mechanical engineering for building the body (actuators, sensors, physical parts) of a robot.

Drone References

Linux References

ROS and Programming References

Quick and Useful Links

ROS Books

Mobile Robot Control References

Recommended Textbook

The primary textbook recommended for this course is Peter Corke, Robotics, Vision & Control, Springer, 2011.
The textbook provides the fundamental concepts of mobile robotics, computer vision, and mobile robots control.

Additional references

Students can also have a look at the following books

Roland Siegwart, Illah R. Nourbakhsh, “Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots”, ISBN-13: 978-0262195027

Gregory Dudek and Michael Jenkin, Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics, Second Edition. Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, 2010.

Howie Choset, Kevin M. Lynch, Seth Hutchinson, George Kantor, Wolfram Burgard, Lydia E. Kavraki, and Sebastian Thrun, Principles of Robot Motion: Theory, Algorithms and Implementations, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 2005.

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