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Video lectures are now available on Vimeo. Link:

Week Lecture Topic (3 hours) Lab Topic (1 hour) Activity at Home
1 Demonstrations with mobile robots.

- Autonomous navigation with a Asctec FireFly and Pelican drones (UAV)
- Building a map with PeopleBot robot
- Building a map with Turtlebot robot
- Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation
- PhantomX Pincher AX-12 Robot Arm
- The Arduino Robot

Getting started with Arduino Robot
Discovering ROS Framework

Navigating the File System
Creating ROS Packages
Building ROS Packages

C++ Programming

C++ in one hour Tutorial
C++ and Java Syntax Differences Cheat Sheet
Differences between C++ and Java, (Wikipedia).
Erich’s Java cheat sheet for C++ programmers
Arduino Robot
Download and Install Arduino 1.0.5 or 1.0.6 SDK
Videos to Watch
Introduction to Mobile Robots
Introduction to Legged Robots Locomotion

2 Locate an Object in 2D Space slides Understanding ROS Ecosystem

Understanding ROS Nodes
Understanding ROS Topics
Understanding ROS Services and Parameters
Getting Started with Arduino Robot
Getting Started with Arduino Robot: Start your first program
Arduino Robot Specification
Robot library Arduino Robot Library: Reference API.

Readings on ROS
Book: A Gentle Introduction to ROS.

Chapter 1: Introduction to ROS
ROS Cheat Sheet Hydro Book: A Gentle Introduction to ROS.
Chapter 2: Getting Started with ROS
Videos on Arduino Robots Example

3 Locate an Object in 3D Space slides Programming with ROS

Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (C++)
Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (Python)

Readings on ROS
Book: A Gentle Introduction to ROS.

Chapter 3: Writing ROS Programs
Arduino Robot video tutorials, RS Components.
Video Tutorials
ROS Tutorial 3: ROS Publishers and Subscribers in C++ and Python
Other References Description of Position and Orientation

4 Mobile Robots Kinematics
How the robots navigates? slides

Arduino Robot Differential Kinematics
Lab 01: Arduino Robot Kinematics

Readings on Kinematics

Kinematics and Dynamics for Robotics Cheat Sheet
Kinematics Model of Mobile Robots Maria Isabel Ribeiro Pedro Lima, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Portugal, 2012
Differential Drive Robots, notes were compiled from Dudek and Jenkin, Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics.
Videos to Watch
Introduction Wheeled Locomotion, Paul Furgale, ETH Zurich, 2014
Motion Control of Differential Drive Robot, Magnus Egerstedt of Georgia Institute of Technology. 2014.
Go to Goal Behavior for Differential Drive Robots, Magnus Egerstedt of Georgia Institute of Technology. 2014

5-7 Control of Mobile Robots slides

Based on Lecture 01 and Lecture 2
of Dr. Magnus Egerstedt Course


Writing a Cleaning Application using Turtlesim (Lab)
Obstacle Avoidance with Stage and Erratic Robot
Quiz on Kinematics and Control

Video Lectures

Lecture 01: Introduction to Control Theory
Lecture 2: Control of Differential Drive Mobile Robots

8 Reactive Motion Planning: Bug Algorithms Robotic Motion Planning: Bug Algorithms, Howie Choset, Robotics Institute 16-735

Bug Algorithms Erion Plaku
Intelligent Bug Algorithm (IBA): A Novel Strategy to Navigate Mobile Robots Autonomously
Performance Comparison of BUG Algorithms for Mobile Robots - BUG2 Algorithm
Bug Algorithms for Simple Robot Motion using Corobot robots
BUG algorithm

9 Perception with Robots: Laser Range Finder Notes on ROS Images, Jason O'Kane, USC, Spring 2014
10 Perception with Robots: Using Computer Vision Notes on ROS Images, Jason O'Kane, USC, Spring 2014
11-13 Map-Based Navigation
12-10 Localization and Mapping slides Survey on Localization []
11-12 Planning and Navigation